Fund Overview

  • Ticker:
  • Fund Category:
    Active Fixed Income
  • Portfolio Advisor:
    First Trust Advisors L.P.
  • Fund Manager:
    FT Portfolios Canada Co.
  • Sub-Advisor:
    Jarislowsky, Fraser Limited
  • CUSIP:
  • ISIN:
  • SEDOL:
  • Currency:
  • Fiscal Year-End:
  • Exchange:
    Neo Exchange, Inc.
  • Inception:
  • Inception Price:
  • Inception NAV:

Fees and Expenses

  • Management Fee: 0.60%
Maximum annual management fee of 0.70%. The Manager has agreed to waive a portion of the management fee equal to 0.10% of average daily net assets of the First Trust ETF until December 31, 2021 and is subject to review periodically.
Please refer to the prospectus for detailed explanation of the funds fees and expense.

Distribution Information (as at 2021-12-03)

  • Dividend Frequency:
  • Dividend Per Share Amount:2
  • Distribution Rate:3

Fund Characteristics (as at 2021-10-29)

  • Weighted Average Duration:
    7.66 Years
  • Weighted Average Yield To Maturity:
  • Weighted Average Term:
    10.03 Years

Investment Objective

First Trust JFL Fixed Income Core Plus ETF (the "First Trust ETF") seeks to provide unitholders with income and preserve capital by investing at least 75% of the fund's net assets in a diversified portfolio of investment grade Canadian corporate, federal, provincial and municipal bonds. The First Trust ETF may also invest up to 25% of the fund's net assets in non-investment grade corporate bonds (at the time of purchase, as rated by a designated rating organization), high yield bonds, developed international bonds, emerging market bonds, preferred shares and convertible bonds of North American and/or international issuers.

Current Data (as at 2021-12-03) Currency: CAD

NAV1% Change$ Change
Daily Volume52-Week High/LowAVG 30-Day Volume
0$20.60 / $19.790
Total Net AssetsOutstanding UnitsNumber of Holdings

Top 10 Holdings (as at 2021-11-30)4

Holding % of Net Assets
CANADIAN GOVERNMENT N/C, 2%, due 12/01/2051 5.37%
ROYAL BANK OF CANADA N/C, 3.296%, due 09/26/2023 3.86%
BANK OF MONTREAL N/C, 2.89%, due 06/20/2023 3.48%
CANADA HOUSING TRUST N/C, 1.40%, due 03/15/2031 3.37%
CANADIAN IMPERIAL BANK N/C, 2.43%, due 06/09/2023 3.04%
PROVINCE OF QUEBEC N/C, 3.50%, due 12/01/2048 2.90%
CANADA HOUSING TRUST N/C, 2.35%, due 06/15/2027 2.88%
ONTARIO (PROVINCE OF) N/C, 2.65%, due 12/02/2050 2.83%
PROV OF NEW BRUNSWICK N/C, 3.10%, due 08/14/2028 2.57%
CANADA HOUSING TRUST N/C, 1.95%, due 12/15/2025 2.48%

The top 10 investments make up 33.52% of the fund.

Credit Quality (as at 2021-10-29)4

Credit Quality % of Net Assets
AAA 19.93%
AA+ 3.67%
AA 0.27%
AA- 9.86%
A+ 19.36%
A 8.30%
A- 7.74%
BBB+ 18.72%
BBB 2.92%
BBB- 1.42%
BB 2.09%
B 0.78%
NR 0.03%
The ratings are by Standard & Poor's except where otherwise indicated. A credit rating is an assessment provided by a nationally recognized statistical rating organization (NRSRO) of the creditworthiness of an issuer with respect to debt obligations except for those debt obligations that are only privately rated. Ratings are measured on a scale that generally ranges from AAA (highest) to D (lowest). Investment grade is defined as those issuers that have a long-term credit rating of BBB- or higher. "NR" indicates no rating. The credit ratings shown relate to the creditworthiness of the issuers of the underlying securities in the Fund, and not to the Fund or its shares. Credit ratings are subject to change.

Portfolio Allocation (as at 2021-10-29)4

% of Net Assets
Corporate Bonds 52.09%
Provincial Bonds and Guarantees 23.05%
Federal Bonds and Guarantees 19.93%
Cash & Cash Equivalents 4.25%

Country Breakdown (as at 2021-10-29)4

Country % of Net Assets
Canada 84.05%
United States 9.27%
Jersey C.I. 1.50%
United Kingdom 0.25%

Risk Rating

This rating is based on how much the ETF’s returns have changed from year to year. It doesn’t tell you how volatile the ETF will be in the future. The rating can change over time. An ETF with a low risk rating can still lose money.

For more information about the risk rating and specific risks that can affect the ETF’s returns, see the Risk section of the ETF’s prospectus.


1 The NAV represents the fund's net assets (assets less liabilities) divided by the fund's outstanding shares .
2 Most recent distribution paid or declared to today's date. Subject to change in the future. There is no guarantee that the fund will declare dividends.
3 Distribution rate is calculated by dividing the most recent annualized distribution paid or declared by the Net Asset Value. Distribution rates may vary. The distributed amount may include return of capital (ROC) from time to time.
4 Percentage of net assets may not equal 100%

Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with Exchange-Traded Fund investments. Please carefully read the prospectus of the fund before investing. Exchange-Traded funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated.