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Percentage of net assets may not equal 100%
Security Name % of Net Assets
First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index Fund 100.02%
Holdings of FDN - First Trust Dow Jones Internet Index Fund
(as at 2023-03-29)
Security Name % of Net Assets, Inc. 9.43%
Meta Platforms Inc. (Class A) 7.54%
Alphabet Inc. (Class A) 5.59%
Cisco Systems, Inc. 5.44%
Salesforce, Inc. 5.37%
Alphabet Inc. (Class C) 4.90%
Netflix, Inc. 4.74%
PayPal Holdings, Inc. 3.60%
Arista Networks, Inc. 2.86%
Airbnb, Inc. (Class A) 2.83%
Workday, Inc. (Class A) 2.83%
Snowflake Inc. (Class A) 2.63%
Veeva Systems Inc. (Class A) 2.27%
eBay Inc. 2.15%
Atlassian Corporation (Class A) 2.04%
DoorDash, Inc. (Class A) 1.85%
Pinterest, Inc. (Class A) 1.85%
Datadog, Inc. (Class A) 1.82%
Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (Class A) 1.82%
Cloudflare, Inc. (Class A) 1.81%
Etsy, Inc. 1.65%
Akamai Technologies, Inc. 1.64%
Okta, Inc. 1.64%
Expedia Group, Inc. 1.62%
Juniper Networks, Inc. 1.59%
GoDaddy Inc. (Class A) 1.58%
Match Group Inc. 1.57%
Snap Inc. (Class A) 1.50%
DocuSign, Inc. 1.48%
Ciena Corporation 1.32%
Smartsheet Inc. (Class A) 1.23%
ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. (Class A) 1.22%
Dropbox, Inc. (Class A) 1.20%
Nutanix, Inc. (Class A) 1.15%
Zillow Group, Inc. (Class C) 1.10%
Teladoc Health, Inc. 1.00%
Box, Inc. (Class A) 0.95%
Confluent, Inc. (Class A) 0.86%
Fastly, Inc. (Class A) 0.79%
CommScope Holding Company, Inc. 0.58%
Opendoor Technologies Inc. 0.55%
Zillow Group, Inc. (Class A) 0.39%
Morgan Stanley Institutional Liquidity Fund - Treasury Portfolio 0.06%
US Dollar 0.00%

Holdings are subject to change.

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