Having problems playing our videos?

Providing they support such capabities, most browsers as well as most known devices such as tablets and mobile phones should be able to play our videos.
If you are experiencing problems playing our videos, below are some of the common causes and resolutions.

Video Content is being blocked from playing

Many firms have content filters and other blocking software on their networks that block users playing from playing videos. If you are unable to view videos on other websites and cannot identify the issue, this would seem to be the likely cause. We would suggest that you contact your technical support team at your firm to see if you can get this resolved. Many have been willing to make changes to support the playing of our videos.

We are happy to provide your tehnical support personnel any information they need to unblock our videos from playing.

Need to install or upgrade your Adobe Flash Add-On

Typically if this is the case, you will see a message simliar to what is shown below. If you can confirm that this is the issue, please install the Adobe Flash Add-On which should allow you to play the videos. You can get this add on from the Adobe website.

Link to Adobe

Alternative option

For many of our research and commentary videos, we additionaly will post them on our YouTube Channel. See if you are able to access and view them from there.